#1 — Snap the sign

Grab your phone and snap a pic of the sign. Make sure it's unlawfully placed (e.g., outside home open hours; within 2m of a road) before you do anything else.

Keep a record and any notes. If you email a report, you'll always have this on file.

#2 — Tell the Company

Most businesses will put their name or number on their corporate litter. Phone them or email them. Remain polite and let them know that their advertising is unlawful and has been reported to City of Stirling.

Most reputable companies are sensitive to the brand damage associated with littering.

#3 — Report It, or Rip It!

If the sign's unsafe, rip it out. If it's litter, you might decide to bin it. You can report illegal signs to the City of Stirling (stirling@stirling.wa.gov.au) but don't expect a rapid response. If someone is driving around corflute bombing, get their number plate and report it to Keep Australia Beautiful (WA). 


If a business is repeatedly placing illegal ads in your community, let them know what you think. Write them an email. Phone them. Tell them what steps you will take as an active consumer.

Most businesses are very sensitive to the impact this type of behaviour can have on their personal brand.

Corflute bombing only happens because businesses think it's cheap advertising. If it's regarded as adverse publicity, it will stop.

Are you listing your home?

Listing your property is a huge financial decision. Make sure your valuable asset is in safe hands.

If an agent is willing to break the law to market themselves, what does it say about their character? How will they treat you as a customer?

List your property with an agent who supports clean streets.

Choose an agent who is ethical and professional. Ensure they're the kind of person who acts lawfully and respects the community. This is one of the biggest financial decisions you'll ever make.

"Pointer signs" are a very public expression of the agent's character. Is the agent respectful, professional and considerate? Or a marketing animal who's happy to bend the rules to his/her advantage?

Unscrupulous agents will say things like: "The signs help to promote your property."

It's a lie.

Guerrilla marketing with corflutes (aka "corflute bombing") is all about the agent's next listing. They're using the customer to build their brand.

Ask a few simple questions: Is there an address or a photo of my house on these signs? Or is it the agent's headshot, name or logo? Are the signs placed outside my home, during home open hours, or are they just sitting all weekend on the nearest high-traffic intersection?

In other words: are the signs genuine "pointer" signs or guerrilla marketing for the agent?

It's always "good karma" to respect the neighbours while you're selling your home.

Besides, it doesn't help people to find your "home open" if the signs are left up all weekend. In fact it has the opposite effect.

Pointer signs should be put up outside the property when the agent arrives, then pulled down when the home open ends.

If your agent is picketing the neighbourhood with corflutes every weekend it only tarnishes your property by association.

Prospective buyers are going to be looking at everything in the suburb, including its streetscapes and visual amenity.

It's a fact: clean communities attract higher real estate prices.


Every voice counts. Apathy is the enemy of civil society ... and the enemy of clean communities! We have power in numbers.

Make your voice heard, volunteer, vote with your wallet ... it all makes a difference.