Clean Streets is a people-powered campaign to Clean Up Corporate Litter. The movement began in response to a surge in illegal corporate advertising in the Stirling area, primarily through so-called "portable direction signs". Real estate agencies are taking advantage of lax enforcement to inundate the City of Stirling area (particularly Coastal Ward and Doubleview) with hundreds of corflute "pointer" signs every weekend.

It's a practice known in the industry as "corflute bombing". And it's completely illegal for real estate agencies (as it would be for any other industry).

Residents are being told to report illegal signage to the City of Stirling. In reality, the City does not have a receptionist available on weekends. Calls are sent to voicemail and answered days later. By Monday morning, most of the signs have been removed.

Enforcement for repeat offenders is either weak (occasionally "impounding" corflute signs) or non-existent.

In sheer frustration with the City's failure to use its enforcement powers (such as $500 littering fines) to tackle the problem, residents decided to join forces to reclaim their Clean Streets.

Join Us ...

With people power, "It's possible" to stamp out visual pollution and unlawful corporate advertising in our community. Let your voice be heard. Join the movement.

Join the Team

Clean Streets is an informal, non-hierarchical people-driven movement that aims to eliminate illegal advertising and corporate litter from the urban environment. Do you believe in a clean, spam-free, corflute-free urban landscape? If so, make your voice heard.

Join the movement. It's possible to eliminate corporate litter from your community.

Send a message to your local councillor and tell them that clean streets matter to you!


Clean Streets Advocate

Every voice makes a difference. Let local councillors know your views.

Tell local companies you support lawful and professional marketing. Not corflute bombing.

Selling a property? Take the ethical path. List your home with an agency that supports Clean Streets.

Your Neighbour

Clean Streets Volunteer

Help to clean up corporate litter. Uproot it. Throw it in the nearest bin.

Littering sucks. Corflute bombing the neighbourhood really sucks. Littering to secure a marketing edge? That sucks the most.


Tourists & customers

For local businesses — especially those in hospitality and tourism — our clean coastal environment is crucial. Everyone who visits the coastal strip from Watermans Bay to Scarborough wants to see a clean landscape. Keep the coast beautiful; encourage tourism; be proud of your beautiful city; encourage repeat visitors!

Next Steps...

Clean Streets needs people like you. The price of civil society is political and social engagement ... apathy is the enemy of a strong community!

Volunteer to remove illegal ads, pick up litter, add your voice to the campaign, report illegal advertisers, boycott businesses that won't follow the law, share a post on social media, call your local member.

Get involved!