We live in a vibrant democracy. Let you local councillor know that a clean community matters to you. Policing unlawful corporate litter is the local government's responsibility.

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They hold the power. And they exercise it on your behalf.

"The City of Stirling may impound any sign placed on a thoroughfare or in a public place, and the person responsible for placing it there may be liable for fines and/or prosecution under the City’s Local Laws and the Litter Act 1979 and Planning & Development Act 2005."

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You can report illegal ads and corporate littering ("corflute bombing") to the City of Stirling.

If you witness someone littering, call the City on (08) 9205 8555 between the hours of 8.30am and 5.00pm Monday to Friday.

You can email photos and reports to stirling@stirling.wa.gov.au.

If you see someone placing illegal ads, or picketing with corflutes, get details (or photos) of the vehicle, the licence plates, what was dumped and record the time and date.

The guidelines are contained here.

You can also report littering anonymously to the Keep Australia Beautiful Council (if the culprit is in a vehicle).

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Illegal advertising is designed to win your business. If it works, people keep doing it.

Boycott businesses that don't respect the laws of your community. Blacklist any company that litters. After all, if they're willing to break the law to spruik their business, what else are they willing to do? How will they treat you as a customer?

It makes good sense to support ethical companies. Channel your consumer power to companies that improve the community. Not those that trash it.

"Litter has social, environmental and economic costs, including impacts on wildlife, costs of clean-ups and loss of visual appeal and amenity of our public spaces." — Keep Australia Beautiful (WA)

"If you leave litter, you're rubbish."

In the news ...

PICTURE: Stirling Councillor Karen Caddy meets with Peard Real Estate's Les Lindsay and West Coast Real Estate's Toryn Crocker at Scarborough to discuss possible solutions.

WA TODAY: Real estate industry veterans have joined forces to call on the City of Stirling to crack down on the "epidemic" of illegal agency advertising signs that have proliferated across the coastal suburbs.

The City drafted law changes in mid-2017 that were designed to tackle a surge in so-called "pointer signs" following complaints from local residents.

Industry figures said the proposed laws would have the reverse effect, however, by allowing signs to stay up for 24 hours at a time and to be placed within two metres of a road. Lawyers said this could pose a third-party public liability for councils and have flow-on consequences for their insurance premiums.

"Why do you need a portable direction sign left up for 24 hours? You can't direct people to a home open that's not actually open. This is being used as guerrilla marketing, not directional signage," industry veteran Les Lindsay said.

"It's gone well beyond a joke. It's reached epidemic levels on the roads around Karrinyup, Trigg, North Beach and Scarborough. People are just advertising their brand to passing traffic. The signs don't have addresses or even home open times on them. It should be treated as what it is: corporate littering. Some agencies are just exploiting the lack of penalties to get free advertising at the community's expense," he said.

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Every voice counts. Apathy is the enemy of civil society ... and the enemy of clean communities! We have power in numbers.

Make your voice heard, volunteer, vote with your wallet ... it all makes a difference.